"Every community in America deserves to be an unspoiled sanctuary where its citizens feel safe and protected."

Hilary Bryant, Former Mayor
City of Santa Cruz, CA


Our Mission

We empower the one, engage the many, and help neighborhoods, businesses and government agencies to collectively solve their community problems.


Community Praise

American Community Solutions, Inc. has developed a model of applied neighborhood activism, custom designed to help any concerned citizen to identify and fix a myriad of community problems. The empowerment and engagement of even a small portion of neighborhood activists can only help to improve the overall health, safety and general welfare of all citizens in a community.
Professor Dayana Salazar, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, San José State University
The expansion of neighborhood solution programs in every community in America is simply a logical extension of the founding principles we created when we started Santa Cruz Neighbors, Inc. We applaud the game-changing and overall quality-of-life improvement efforts of American Community Solutions, Inc.
Deborah Elston, President, Santa Cruz Neighbors, Inc.

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